28th June 2017

Biological Monitoring In The Workplace

What Is Biological Monitoring? Chemicals are used for a wide range of workplace tasks across almost every business sector....

7th December 2016

Manchester School Hit By Flu Outbreak

A Greater Manchester school has been hit by a flu outbreak, with almost 250 pupils and teachers coming down...

13th October 2016

Lead Poisoning: What Do You Need To Know?

Lead poisoning is a potential hazard in industries which use lead-based chemicals, or where breathing in lead dust or...

10th October 2016

World Mental Health Day 2016

All employers have a responsibility for their employees’ health and safety in the workplace including physical and psychological risks....

5th October 2016

Health Assessments: The Key To Improving Employee Wellbeing?

Managing the health and safety of any business means controlling risks in the workplace. Part of that process is...

3rd October 2016

In Response To The Recent EEF Sickness Absence Report

A survey conducted by EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, shows that long term absence is continuing to increase and programmes...

30th September 2016

Keeping Your Workplace Healthy In Flu Season

In a workplace environment flu can spread quickly, impacting both the health of your employees as well as productivity...

28th September 2016

Are You Influencing The Lifestyles Of Your Staff?

Can employers really influence the lifestyles, health and wellbeing of their staff? Employers play a key role in promoting...


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