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Reduce Absenteeism With Attendance Pro From Sound Advice Safety And Health

Absences cost you time and money, both in lost output and opportunities as well as wasted wages.

On average, 7.6 working days per employee per year are lost due to sickness at work, costing UK businesses a staggering £29 billion (according to the CIPD’s Absence Management Report 2013). That’s why we created Attendance Pro – the industry-leading absence management system.

Attendance Pro is a unique absence management system proven to reduce absenteeism by an average of 62%.

See for yourself some of the results our clients have had whilst using Attendance Pro:

  • Not a single employee called in sick during February 2016; the first time this company has ever had a month with zero absences.
  • A nationwide organisation with over 4700 employees has seen their absence rate decrease month after month, from its highest level at 810 absences to the current rate of 233 absences!

Our trained advisors work alongside hundreds of companies, ensuring that each employee absence is managed effectively whilst abiding by your company’s sick leave policy. The service operates through a 24-hour phone line giving you an accurate and auditable record of all absenteeism. Attendance Pro maintains a unique position in the market. All information is streamlined into our proactive software Employersafe without you having to lift a finger or answer a call. Your absence records will be updated automatically, highlighting any trends and potential problems.

Attendance Pro can help your business start saving money instantly, tackling the causes of absenteeism head-on; why not try it free for the first 30 days?

Call our team today on 0845 862 8040 and begin reducing absenteeism within your workplace.

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